Ose Oji

Ose Oji

Traditionally this dish is usually served during Igbankwu, and during igbo festivals such as IriJi. It is eaten with Ose a pepper condiment made by roasting and grinding with salt, and mixing into palm oil. In more recent times it is being eaten with a ground peanut butter mixture, not necessarily as a replacement but just another alternative

Oji in Igboland is regarded as a medicinal snack which contains caffeine nut has two varieties light blush coloured and fully ripened fuchsia with faint brown lines and ridges. Oji splits away easily when twisted at a point, revealing a purplish pink rubbery textured interior.

Ose is used as a hot spice for flavour or an aromatic seasoning fried with palm oil. roast the pepper, grind it with salt, add palm oil.

Uziza – This spice is just like black pepper but bit hotter. 

Angara can be eaten raw or sautéed into this dish.


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