Ọjị Abịala: An Igbo Podcast was founded by U.S born Ifunanya who “… grew up hearing some of the Igbo language but never learning how to speak it.” With courage and determination she decided to take matters into her own hands, going back to her maternal/paternal home in Igboland to live for 6 months with the intention to learn the Igbo language, explore the country, and deepen her connections to her roots. Her experience allowed her to advance from a neophyte to now being able to construct simple sentences in Igbo, and to hold extended conversations in the language.

Her podcast aims to promote Igbo culture, literature, and a greater sense of community, especially between Ndị Igbo in the diaspora and those in Nigeria, with a unique approach to learning to speak the Igbo language – “guaranteed to make one at least CONVERSANT.”

For far too long, the Igbo language, culture, and traditions have been threatened by westernisation and remnants of the impact of colonialism.
This platform seeks to combat this threat head on starting with YOU, the individual embarking on this journey with us.
Utilising the same approach and methodology that helped Ifunanya maximize her Igbo learning during this trip, Ifunanya created this podcast to give others the chance to learn the language as well from the comforts of their homes or wherever they might find themselves.

– An Igbo Podcast

An Igbo Podcast aims to make language learning a lifestyle, while bridging the gap between the diaspora and the continent for an overall greater sense of self. Check them out via IGBOPODCAST.COM & on Facebook!
Have a listen to their podcast below !



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Prioritising Time for Language Arts & Cultural Heritage.

Founded in 2011 by Dr Vince Amaechi / Maazi Ugochukwu Onye na Nkuzi Igbo.