Okpu Ozo

Okpu Ozo

In many cultures the colour red symbolises love, passion, masculinity, power, fortune, warning, danger. etc…

For today’s secular observance day, western cultures have used red to symbolise the birth of Christ, Santa Claus, gifts and love. The birth and death of Christ play significant roles in the core of Christ Mass and the revolution of the gospel ( ozioma / good news).

Red can symbolise the cost of life for others; sacrifice, charity a debt some might say…
Ndigbo use words such as ọbara ( blood : “obara Jesus!” ) and Mmee mmee to describe this colour.

In the instance that an individual is set apart and chosen to wear this colour to adorn their head ( okpu: cap / hat ), they are specifically to be recognised as an Ozo, Nze or Omu. etc…

Red in this instance symbolises wisdom, authority sacredness, respect, wealth, prosperity, integrity and tradition; some of the highest honours in the land, our land: Omenala. 🩸

To be chosen. To be cherished. To be respected.


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