IKENGA means “that STRENGHT” in Igbo.

Co-Founders UDOCHI OKEKE & Ocha Tk believe in “rethinking education in Africa to focus on native language centred education.” By using puppets (like on Sesame Street) and children’s programming they educate young Igbo children (in Igbo land, Nigeria) about academic concepts and steer them away from superstitious beliefs, giving them life skills to grow and prosper in life.

They started out by recording lectures on
science and other subjects in Igbo language
with their friends to make a difference in the lives of Igbo people and Igbo culture, because of the lack of jobs in Nigeria. After much positive feedback their continued in their stride we knowing that this is what people truly needed and wanted at this time. They have created children shows and other media to help educate people using their native Igbo language.

Mmuta Di Uto – Igbo Children’s Show

Check out their children’s Youtube series called Mmuta Di Uto.

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Founded in 2011 by Dr Vince Amaechi / Maazi Ugochukwu Onye na Nkuzi Igbo.