Umu Igbo Unite

Umu Igbo Unite means “Children of Igboland unite”.
Umu Igbo Unite Corporation is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia by the D.I. Anadu and J.C. Okpukpara families.
Emeka Okpukpara, Ijeoma Okoli, Amaka Onyereri, Ijeoma Emeka, Uche Ndefo, Onyinye Igbokwe, Chinedu Okpukpara, Njideka Anadu who are professionals, experts, educators, and thought leaders that are passionate about the community of umu Igbo in the diaspora.

The Igbo people are one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria with approximately 32 million people. UIU seeks to be a solution in the diaspora by creating programming that focuses on the preservation of the igbo language and culture. Umu Igbo Unite is building a community of people that identify with their Igbo heritage.
Upholding the advancement of Igbo people in the diaspora, Nigeria, & Africa, through a structured network that catered to the specific cultural, professional, and social needs of first-generation Igbo Americans and the greater Diaspora.

Since its inception, UIU has grown to over 5,000 members nationwide with 16 active chapters: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, DMV, Boston, Tristate (NY, NJ, CT), Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Twin Cities, Bay Area, Austin, Miami, Seattle and Nashville.

The purpose of the Umu Igbo Unite Organization is to promote personal, cultural and professional growth amongst Nigerian Igbo Professionals (ages 21 – 45) primarily in the Diaspora. They aspires to utilize the rich social capital of Igbos in the diaspora to build a network of individuals with a passion to see the transformation in their communities.
UIU celebrate individuality, embrace differences and enable learning opportunities by creating safe harbors in which people can come together for mutual understanding and benefit.

Check them out on all socials : UIU website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram


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