(‘Nsibiri’ is the Igbo variation of Nsibidi)

The Nsibiri Project is founded by Chiadikobi of Ụ́kpụ́rụ́. The mission of this project is to record and appropriate Nsibidi ideographic symbols for a writing system to be used by the Igbo language and Cross River languages such as Efik, Ibibio and Ejagham.

This is being done by transitioning Nsibidi into a morphographic script. Nsibidi is also meant to inspire and encourage learning of the languages it will be used in.

This is the introduction to the experimental use of nsibidi to create a reformed nsibidi script. Nsibidi is an ideographic script that has been used in the Cross River basin of West Africa for centuries, if not millennia. This is an experimental use of the script with unique derivative symbols which are to be used for experimentation only. The project is still developing.

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Check them out on all socials : ODENSIBIRI WEBSITE,Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.


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