Akanwu (calcium block) also know as potash, is a natural resource in Igboland which can be used in many ways and for different reasons, but in this post we are sharing the richness of its culinary purposes. Akanwu can be used as a thickener or when creating condiments for dishes such as Ugba, Abacha, Yam Pottage & traditional igbo soups.

Cooking Instructions:

Start by dropping the Akanwu ( calcium block / potash )  in water and wait a few minutes till it releases particles, then add palm oil to the mixture until it is a yellow semi-viscous liquid. The Abacha is then added and mixed together with various ingredients such as Ayiya (Crayfish), Angara ( Garden Egg ) and Garden Egg leaves.

Do you still use Akanwu as a traditional thickening ingredient when cooking igbo dishes?
Let us know below in the comment section!


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