EKESMESI : Nwa Yeshua Immanuel

EKESMESI : Nwa Yeshua Immanuel

Dinner with My Best Friend – The PRICE HAS BEEN PAID!

As we celebrate the secular observance day now commonly known as Christmas, here are some of Maazi’s teachings about observing Jewish / Hebrew traditions, their prophets & modern day translations of the bibliography of Aramaic & Greek scrolls by Roman Canons. And of course the BIRTH Life & Times of Immanuel Yeshua, who the Bible credits as their and THE Messiah (chosen One).

In many ways we can learn from our brothers and their plight; a minority group dispersed, disrupted, demonised and inevitably regrouping, strengthening and solidifying their Sovereign status.
Though we cherish the cultural observations of their Deuteronomy we must always remember Okpara’s Genesis.
{ Omenala na Odinani }

Job 8 :8-9 “Indeed, please inquire of former generations, and consider what their ancestors have found, for we are of yesterday, and we do not know, for our days on earth are a shadow.”


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