Abacha Mmri (Washed Cassava) is freshly peeled, boiled, grated, soaked, and washed tuber cassava, and the dried version is plainly called Abacha.
This dish is a Igbo snack ( though cassava is not indigenous to Igboland ) usually served in two ways; either cooked by soaking and eating with fresh coconuts and peanuts or steamed to a warm temperature and completed by creating a condiment from Akanwu ( calcium block ) and Palm oil.

Start by dropping the Akanwu ( calcium block ) in water and wait a few minutes till it releases particles then add palm oil to the mixture until it is a yellow semi-viscous liquid. The Abacha is then added and mixed together with various ingredients such as Ayiya ( Crayfish ), Anara ( Garden Egg ) and Garden Egg leaves.

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