Okpara House

Okpara House

Founded by Author & Architect Obi Nwazota.
Ọkpara means first son in igbo language.

“As creatives and storytellers, we bear a particular responsibility to create beautiful, meaningful and engaging content that fills in this void. Before our lives in the diaspora, we had a history. Largely ignored and forgotten, it is our aim to reinstate and make relevant our beautiful culture.
At Ọkpara House, it is our primary aim to produce such content and as such, we are proud producers of Igbo Cultural content elevated and made relevant to contemporary lifestyles.”

Ọkpara House

Check out their website via OKPARA HOUSE and give them a Like on FACEBOOK


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Founded in 2011 by Dr Vince Amaechi / Maazi Ugochukwu Onye na Nkuzi Igbo.