The Medicine Shell: Igbo Spirituality Explained

The Medicine Shell: Igbo Spirituality Explained

Founded by Derick Ofodirinwa, the projects aims to help those who seek a better understanding of the layered dynamics of Igbo spirituality and culture also known as Ọ̀dị̀nàlà, Ọdịlalị or Ọdịlala na Omenala.

Through his very descriptive and visual enticing Youtube videos, he teaches the igbo viewers about their ancestral spirituality in a “clear and in-depth way”, posting new videos once a week on spirituality and cosmology and culture.

Check out his work via Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Learning Odinala / Odinani changed my life and spiritual perspective and I’m here to share!

Derick Ofodirinwa

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Founded in 2011 by Dr Vince Amaechi / Maazi Ugochukwu Onye na Nkuzi Igbo.