Aku Ilu – ( Bitter Kola ) is the nut from Osisi Akuili.

In Igboland it is regarded as a medicinal snack which contains caffeine, that you can eat at any time of the day. The nut has a brown rind which cracks and falls away easily when twisted or peeled, revealing a pale cream rubbery textured nut with faint pink lines and ridges.

This particular tree and therefore the fruit and seed it bears is owned and not for free consumption or plucking by local passersby; so according to cultural custom you are not allowed to pick from this tree. If Bitter Kola nut falls you are forbidden from picking it, you may see them around the tree but you must not pick it. The Kola nut tree on the other hand is also owned but if the nuts fall you are allowed to pick and eat them.

Do you enjoy snacking on Akilu? How much are you able to get for a pounds worth? Tell us in the comment section below!


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